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Arnfred Iversen tok turen fra Saksa til Elsandstindane over Hjørundfjordegga tidligere i august. Her har du et tilbakeblikk fra turen.

-A majestic hike with first class views to some of the finest areas and peaks the Sunnmøre region has to offer. The hike to Saksa is beautiful in itself, with breathtaking view towards the Hjørundfjorden, and where it intersects with Norangsfjoren and Sæbøvika.

-We continued further, passing Breidfonnhornet and Southern Elsandtinden while the terrain becomes increasingly interesting. Light scramble to the top ridge before we rope up and continue the final section (approx 3 pithces) to the highest point on the Elsandtindane ridge. Yet another pitch takes you to the «Vippesteinen» aka. «Bikkehella» which is a large block of granite balancing quite freely on the narrow ridge.

-We returned down into Nordkopen and the Urkedalen valley. We had placed a couple of bicycles at the Haukåssetra pastry farm beforehand, for a comfortable descent on the last leg down to Urke and the car. A wise decision, I must say!
All in all, a varied and beautiful trip with massive impressions.

Tekst og video: Arnfred Iversen.

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