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I november fikk endelig Arnfred oppfylt en av sine store drømmer. En helgetur med tre venner til Oppdal resulterte i sending av Kongsvollfossen i Drivdalen.

Arnfred skriver følgende på sin Vimeo-side:

-There was a lot of people on the ice, causing a fair bit of traffic and falling chuncks of ice.
The ice quality was also not the best, with a lot of air- and snow-pockets. Nevertheless we had a good time in the nice weather, and being rookies, we got some valuable experience and training in the craft of iceclimbing.

-Unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice before the last and most interesting pitch, so this is not shown in the film. Thanks goes to Cheslaw Szura for lendig me some of his nice pictures taken this day, for use in this film. Incl. the cover-photo.

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